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Sisters joined in literary bliss!

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Lady Te'Amo- ELBC President/Founder

From the South Jersey area, born and raised in Camden, NJ. Aside from raising her 3 precious daughters, Te'Amo spends most of her time reading and expanding ELBC. She became an avid reader and novel collector after reading Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. It was in her sophomore year of high school when a fellow classmate encouraged her to read it and ever since then she began her literary journey. Te'Amo always loved to read aloud in class and English was her favorite subject, but Omar Tyree's novel is what turned her into the avid reader she is today. A few years ago she decided to create her own book club and through many trials today she is successful in her 4th baby "Exquisite Ladies Book Club".  Now 4 years strong and still growing ELBC is making it's mark in the Camden/Phila areas.



ELBC is currently accepting new members. Please read through this page BEFORE you submit your membership application within the Camden/Phila area. If you have more questions that are not covered on this page, please use the contact us form to submit your questions. 



Meet a new group of great friends

Exposure to new and underexposed authors

Author hosted book club meetings



We are always seeking energetic members. Our book club is limited to 10 members. You should love to read African-American fiction. (Other Genres are read at times) 


You should be able to attend meetings on a regular basis. There is no need in you joining if we'll hardly see you because you won't get the benefit of becoming apart of our group.


You must be willing to travel to meeting locations in Camden and/or Philadelphia. We generally meet in member's homes but sometimes in restaurants.


You must have time to read and finish the books on time! Book clubs are meant for avid readers not for casual readers.


Read the book regardless if you like it or not. There is still a discussion to be had to tell us why you didn't like the book. You really can't have an opinion if you didn't read the entire book. This also shows support for members that chose the book.


We do not allow members to come to the meetings without reading the entire book. We cannot discuss books that have been half read. We are a book club first and a social group second. Guests sitting in on our discussions for the first time are exempt from this rule.


Be willing to support the book club and fellow members.


We are a fun group and want members that can bring a new point of view to the table! We expect to have different opinions about the books. It makes the discussions more lively! 


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